Tuesday, October 03, 2006

RECIPE: Yogurt Cheese

Yogurt Cheese

Yogurt Cheese

1 quart plain yogurt

Cut 4 layers of cheesecloth on top of each other. Place the layers in a colander and place the colander over a large bowl so that the liquid that comes out is held by the bowl but does not touch the colander. Spoon the yogurt into the cheesecloth. Gather the four corners together and twist together tightly. You can hold the twist with a twist tie or if it is long enough then tie it into a knot. Place in the refrigerator overnight so that the whey liquid can drain out into the bowl. If you can, open the cheesecloth back up and stir it up lightly and then retie. You can also press down on it slightly from time to time to help squeeze out some more whey. Don’t discard the whey because it is full of protein and nutrients. It can easily be added to soups. The consistency should be similar to a soft cream cheese.

Yogurt Cheese Making


Riana said...

Ow, wos, thanks for sharing this! Always love all kind of homemade cheese..

Gabriella True said...

There is a cheese making school in massachussets. I would like to win some money so I could go!