Sunday, October 22, 2006


Me and the boys

Yes, it has been ages since I posted a picture of my babies.

Last weekend we had the Twin Club Halloween party. I was my usual Witchy self. Timmy was a football player. He fell and his lip got a little bloody. He was fine way before I was about it. And of course it went with his costume. Xander was Sugar Ray Leonard. And for the record, no punching was actually allowed much less attempted.


simplicity is fine said...

so sweet you all are! great to see you at fatima's.

Gabriella True said...

I wish you could have stayed longer!!

artizen flair said...

You guys look fantastic; I love your costumes!

Youre going to need a batting stick (to keep the girls at bay) when the twins are older, they are gorgeous! Your sons have beautiful full lips and almond eyes.

foodiemama said...

love your blog, recipes, pictures and all!
if i'm not that pa's pumpkin patch?
we live right next to it!
i'm a big lurker finally posting..can't wait to read more!

Gabriella True said...

az - boys don't deserve the eyelashes these two have.

FM - Yes! Pa's oh my god. we are neighbors then,. How exciting

foodiemama said...

i'm at the end of 2nd st...long beach/belmont shores. thats pretty cool!!!!!!

Gabriella True said...

oh wow. I love it there. I am in SB - Old Town