Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ENTERTAINING: Teletubby Birthday Cake

I made this birthday cake for the boys' birthday party. It is a Teletubby Birthday Cake!

It is a two layer sheet cake. The bottom layer is chocolate cake and the top layer is white cake and the Teletubby House Mound layer is also chocolate cake.

I made all the figures out of gum paste. Yes, they do look like a child made them with play dough. No, I will never be Sylvia Weinstock. But it was great fun to make and everybody loved it! My fingers were died a reddish purple for a few days after I finished making them up.

I used toothpicks to give the Teletubbies a little support. I also used them to help their antennaes stand up. And I used a toothpick for Po's Scooter. Then I used wooden kabob sticks to give support to the speaker, sun and windmill. I was glad that the cake was two layers thick because it helped support the windmill.

For the windmill and the center of the speaker, I had to make a gold color. This was the hardest dye job to fabricate. I obviously used yellow and added some black and maybe a dab of red. Then I found out I had some pearlized white powder so I brushed the areas and that helped give them a gold sheen. I was excited about that.

I used black foodoodler pens to draw in the pens and the cow pattern on Dipsy's hat. The black on the hat ran and spread into a green color but it was okay. I had made these figures a couple weeks before the party so I am not surprised it ran. It was also very hot and humid during that time so I am sure that contributed to it.

I made the little brown rabbit by molding it in a chocolate mold. It was actually the first one I made of all the figurines. I thought it would be an easy introduction to the world of gum paste.

Tubby Cake Birthday

Tubby Cake Tinky La La
Tinky Winky and La La

Tubby Cake Dipsy Po
Dipsy and Po

Tubby Cake Scooter
Po's Scooter

Tubby cake detail
Dipsy's Hat, La La's Ball, Tinky Winky's Bag, and the Speaker

Tubby Cake


Nau-Dee said...

I think you did a wonderful job on the party decor and the cake honestly looks MARVELOUS!!!!

Gabriella True said...

Why thank you so much!

peabody said...

I love themes...although I doubt I will be having a Teletubby party anytime soon :)
I love the little teletubbies out of gum paste...very cute.

Angel said...

Awesome cake. I suck at cakes. It's a lack of patience thing as I always, always remove the cake from the pan before letting it cool, ending up with lots of broken cake pieces. Even though I know this is going to happen I do it anyways in the hopes that this time I'll manage it.

Cheeky Monkey Cakes said...

Cake looks great and I'll bet the boys loved it :) Fondant & gumpaste figures are very difficult, good job!

Glenna said...

The cake is PERFECT! You did well, grasshopper. P.S. Nobody wants to be Sylvia Weinstock. She's boring. You're headed adorably along the whimsy lines of Collectte Peters. Good job!

simplicity is fine said...

you outdid yourself. i don't know how you do it. so much patience. can i borrow some?

simplicity is fine said...

i don't know how you do it! and with so much patience! i've finally posted some new pics. check me out.
natalia :o)

Gabriella True said...

Simpy - ooh, I will go check. Patience? not really.

Glenna - Thanks so much my mentor! My wedding cake was Sylvia Weinstock and it was GORGEOUS.

Cheeky - xoxo Thanks sweetheart. Kiss the babies for me.

Angel - ooh. I know all about that!! Getting it out of the pan can be the hardest part for sure

Gabriella True said...

thanks peabody!!

Tabby said...

Once again amazing work....from a very talented woman/mother....clapping here.

CCS said...

congratulations !! the attention to detail is marvellous.. the dome, each teletubbies personal accessory! ur boys r very lucky :)