Thursday, August 17, 2006

FOOD FOR TODDLERS: Avocado and Cheese

Well I made this lunch for myself. Guess who ate it? Xan Man loves avocado. Luckily I had a few more all nice and ripe in the kitchen. Timmy of course rejected it but quickly decided that the bread was perfectly acceptable.



peabody said...

He has good taste then. I love a good ripe avocado. You have Italian dressing in yours? I love mine with French dressing in it.

Gabriella True said...

Yes, he is almost a self-proclaimed vegetarian. He eats vegetables and fruits so fast that I can barely keep them in stock.

yes, it is Italian with mostly vinegar. I love vinegar.

bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

ahahh, funny. Good that he develops taste for good food, the best!

Gabriella True said...

yes, it is great bea! imagine how bea would have photographed this little picture. It would have been stupendous

imwendy said...

hi gabriella!
i love your blog site. i grew up in barrington RI and i have family in Savannah GA. they are my two favorite places in the world... somehow i ended up living in southern maine?!
anyway- your children are beautiful, your recipes look great and i love your photography. I just started trying to do more photography and have done a bunch of the lupines that were just out! Wendy

imwendy said...

oh, and also, avocodo was both of my daughters' first foods! they are SOOO good for you!