Monday, August 14, 2006

ON FOOD: At the Farmers Market - Herbs and Flowers

I wanted to take this home with us.
FM Flowers

Look at these coreopsis! They look like little suns.
FM Coreopsis

I forgot what this was called so let me know!
FM Purple flower

All these herbs come from my favorite stand. They are all organically grown. I really must right down the name of the farm next time. I buy gobs of herbs from them.

Fresh Herb Bouquets

Fresh Herbs Lavender

Fresh Herbs

I grow my own rosemary downstairs but this basket was too beautiful not to capture.
Fresh Herbs Rosemary

When I first started buying my herbs from this farm, I was never sure which was the parsley and which was the cilantro once I got them home. I have come quite a ways! And today I bought the flat leaf parsley.
Fresh Herbs Parsley


Nau-Dee said...

LOVE the pretty picts!!!!!

Gabriella True said...


Tabby said...

The flower and herbs look amazing.

Love the smell of Rosemary and Thyme.