Monday, August 14, 2006

ON FOOD: At the Farmers Market - Figs, Berries, Peaches and Plums

August has the best fruit. Hands down. This is why people spend hours and hours canning them or freezing them. No one wants to miss a bite and no one can stand to go an entire year without bursting berries. And can you imagine going down the aisles of the grocery store and not finding anyu jars of jams and preserves? Impossible.

But this is August and this is my time to buy more fruit than I think I can eat and prove myself very wrong. Berries and stone fruit. These are my favorites. Since I am not a canner and I don't have a freezer to preserve much, my only real choice is how to eat them. Fresh and raw or cooked up in some delicious dessert. Life is rough in August. Oh, don't forget about melon and figs.

FM Stone Fruits

FM Raspberries

FM Figs

FM Blackberries

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