Sunday, August 13, 2006


Well we were away last weekend in Sonoma Valley for a family wedding that was so much fun and so beautiful. The boys did great!

Here are some pictures from the rehearsal dinner.

Timmy and Gramma


oh and just in case you forgot about the terrible twos. This is Xander who did a very DRAMATIC stumble back and fall down to the ground. It was bizarelly quiet for him. Usually he screams like a wild child. This was in the middle of the cocktail part of the evening and all the adults turned looked, giggled, turned back to their conversation and fabulous wine. Xander just lay there wondering why his scene of major woah had no effect. It was a classic moment. I am sure he will really "love" that I captured it on film and shared it with everyone!

Xander - Mr. Drama

I missed last weekend but thank goodness I did not miss little Hayley from Fruit Salad eating some watermellon

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Angel said...

That's too cute. The outfit is lovely, I think I have a pattern for something like that. Oh and yeah her hair is getting thicker. She had a bald patch and the back and it's completely filled in now.

Mary Tsao said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and glad you had a good time at Baby Loves Disco!

Okay, the picture of your son lying on the deck is too great! What a moment to capture. hehehehe.

Gabriella True said...

Angel - I wish I could sew. I have no clue how to use a pattern.

mary- thanks for stopping by. Glad you can appreciate how funny that photo is!

Tabby said...

Gabby, forgot to tell you I moved and was within a hour from you. That's right we live in Sonoma County now.

So bummed, I would have loved to meet you,Alex and the boys finally.

If you are ever up this way again, from highway 5 or SF, Sonoma county...we must meet up after all these years.

xox, Tabby