Monday, August 14, 2006

ON FOOD: At the Farmers Market - Tomatoes, Corn, Beans and More

I took the boys to the local Farmer's Market in Seal Beach today. We went early so we could get our top picks. If anyone is in doubt that California has rich soil then they are not shopping for produce at the right places.

Tomatoes and more Tomatoes! Heirloom in every shape, size and color. They are bursting with juices. When I get them home and cut into them I can barely believe their skins held them together. Then one my kids, jumps up and down and squeals at me until I give him as many pieces as he can shove into his hands and mouth. From the look on his face I think he is wondering if he has even had anything like it before. He loves tomatoes but freshly picked heirlooms are nothing like tomatoes you buy in a grocery store, even if that grocery store is a specialty store. Just wait until you see my Heirloom Tomato Sauce Recipe coming soon but not lasting long.

FM Tomatoes Beefsteak

FM Tomato Heirlooms

Of course I found all my other summer favorites like sugary sweet fresh corn that is so fresh that none of it has started to turn starchy.

FM Corn

And then I head for the potatoes which I could eat every single day of my life. I chose the tiniest of the little fingerling potatoes in this big batch. I want to make a little salad.

FM Potatoes Fingerling

I honestly have paid little attention to the name of the different green beans out there except for the skinny haricot verts which are my favorite but these Blue Lake Beans look too good to pass up.

FM Green Beans

I will say that there are some signs of the end of summer with huge bunches of parsnips for sale. I just took a picture and passed them by and told them that I would see them a little later on when I have relinquished my grasp on hot summer days.
FM Carrots and Parsnips


Angel said...

Not fair. We don't have a decent farmer's market here. All they have is a bunch of booths selling mainly commercial products stuffed tightly into a small building. It's only open for 4 months and it sucks. I miss the market in Ottawa, it was open all year round.

Gabriella True said...

Ooh. that sounds like no fun Angel.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! However, why is one farmer calling ordinary beefsteak tomatoes "heirloom"? Seems like false marketing when the fruit is not one of the truly revived varieties such as Brandywine, Striped Germans, Purple Cherokee...

Gabriella True said...

Because it is a beefsteak heirloom. Not all heirlooms are the revived varieties like you mentioned

Randi said...

Wow, this made me miss Long Beach. I went to the market all the time when I lived there.

Gabriella True said...

Well you will have to come back!!!

Ruth said...

There is nothing like a farmer's market this time of year.

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos.

Gabriella True said...

Thanks for coming by to take a look!