Tuesday, August 22, 2006

EVENT: Summer Salad Recipes Round Up #2

Blog: Catching Points - a food blog
Recipe: Black Pudding Salad
Not Mine - black pudding salad
Well this is the newest salad to me. Lexi must be quite adventerous. I actually have never had blood sausage nor have I have I ever had sausage on a salad. Two new things to try!

Blog: Chez Megane
Recipe: Mixed Arugula Salad with Ham and Cheese Toasts
Not Mine - ham cheese mixed salad
Megan says this is the perfect salad for those days when you need a great meal but can't go outside when it is pouring rain. Of course there are a gazillion different variations making it a great place to start off from. Just look in your pantry and see what you have!

Blog: What's The Recipe Today Jim?
Recipe: Watermelon, Feta and Pumpkin Seed Salad
Not Mine - watermellon salad
Rosie has come up with a salad that could only be found in the summer. Watermelon and feta is such a great combination and I bet the pumpkin seeds add a great crunch. She says that she saw it in a magazine and passed over it at first but then happened to have the ingredients on hand and it was a total success!

Blog: all kinds of yum
Recipe: Jicama, Nectarine and Cucumber Slaw
Not Mine - Jicama Nectarine Cucumber
Tannaz had about 10 friends over and had a great party this summer. A fun time was had by all and I think she should invite me the next time she has a soiree. She made this refreshing summer salad along with Pita Triangles with Labneh and Mashed Garbanzo Beans and Cucumber Spa Tonic with Minty Sugar-Salt which is one of my favorite drinks except I have never had it with vodka which sounds even better!

Blog: Kitchen Inferno
Recipe: Seafood Slaw
Not Mine - Seafood Slaw
Mickey has been making this seafood slaw for years and I can see why. Just add some cabbage and onion slaw to crab or any other shellfish and you have a perfect meal.

Blog: The Omnivorous Egg
Recipe: Georgian-Style Beet Salad
Not Mine - Beet Salad
Jen had a whole bunch of beets but was not in the mood to make borscht and was tired of goat cheese and beet salad (one of my favorites) so she went hunting for a new recipe and she found this intriguing recipe that combines beets with walnuts and prunes. She thought the end result was delicious since the bitter walnuts paired reall well with the earthy beets and sweet prunes. And who can beet the color?

Blog: Field to Feast
Recipe: North African-style Dried Nectarine and Apple Salad
Not Mine - North African Salad
Carolyn got this recipe from Cooks Illustrated. Cooks Illustrated is one of her favorite magazines because of its Puritan minimalism and meticulously tested before being published. These are the exact reasons I like that magazine so much too. Oh, I want to know about her obsession with L.L. Bean, I may or may not understand it completely. Back to the salad, I love idea of dried nectarines. I have only have had dried apricot and dried peaches and I love them. Then the spices - cumin and coriander are among my favorites. A great one to try!

Blog: Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
Recipe: Apple, Dried Cherry and Walnut Salad with Maple Dressing
Not Mine - apple walnut salad
Peabody is sharing this delicious variation on a Waldorf Salad and it looks fantastic. I would like everyone to take a moment and console Peabody who seems to be allergic to too many foods. But she still finds plenty of foods to make very delicious meals. Because of the apples, dried fruit and walnuts this is more of a fall salad but she is allergic to most of the food that make up most summer salads. Oh Peabody - I am going to have a Fall Salad event too so you will have to come up with something really "Fally".

Blog: Foodfreak
Recipe: Szechuan Cucumbers
Not Mine - Szechuan Cucumbers
Petra got this recipe a while back but when she got a big delivery of organic cucumbers she knew it was the time to try it out. Could anything look more refreshing? And there is not oil in the dressing so you only get fat from the peanuts.

Blog: Running with Tweezers
Recipe: Savory Cantaloupe Salad
Not Mine - cantaloupe salad
Tami is from Atlanta. Hotlanta. Ovens should not be turned on. Well this is the perfectly refreshing and cooling salad for the heat. Sweet Melon and tangy Goat Cheese and salty Soppresseta sounds like something I should to add to my list this week because I hear it is going to be a hot one.

Blog: Veggie Friendly
Recipe: Long, Green and Pointy Salad
Adam who posted this fresh salad on his friend's blog loves this salad because it is so simple and fresh. Asapargus, green beens and snow peas with a little bit of balsamic vinegar sounds perfect.

Blog: The Passionate Cook
Recipe:Panzanella - more than bread salad
Not Mine - panzanella salad
Johanna made a Panzanella, bread salad, which is becoming quite popular once again. I have had it in two restaurants this summer so I can attest to its revived popularity. It is very easy to assemble but tastes of all the rich flavors of summer. Johanna describes it as a "gazpacho before the invention of the blender" which I think is a great description.

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