Tuesday, August 22, 2006

EVENT: Summer Salad Recipes Round Up #3

Blog: Veggie Friendly
Recipe: Red Capsicum, Parsley and Chickpea Salad
Not Mine - Red Capsicum, Parsley and Chickpea Salad
KP says that this is her favorite Summer Salad. Well, I am so glad that she decided to share it with us! Chickpeas, red capsicum and parsley in a sesame and lemon dressing.

Blog: Champaign Taste
Recipe: 95 temp + 110 heat index = 2 salads
Not Mine - corn salad
Not Mine - basil potato salad
Lisa made two salads for this event. Bringing two pots of water at the same time has to create less time of any heat than doing one at a time at different times. Italian Basil Potato Salad has a delicious sounding pesto dressing and the Fresh Corn Salad tells a story of a hot August day.

Blog: Start Cooking
Recipe: Washing Lettuce
Not Mine - washing lettuce
Kathy, gives us a step by step guide on how to wash lettuce. This may sound like a funny thing to explain but this simple task is super important. You want it clean. Nothing ruins a salad like crunching down into dirt. Ick. And then you also don't want to keep the leaves too wet or that yummy salad dressing is not going to cling to the leaves.

Blog: Wino Sapien
Recipe: Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil salad
Not Mine - tomato mozzarella salad
Edward made a simple summer salad. Usually this salad has large beefsteak tomatoes and thick slices of mozzarella but he changes it up a little bit by using crumbled bits of cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes with a large pile of basil chiffonade on top. Pair with a dry white wine and you are all set!

Blog: South Beach Diet for Idiots
Recipe: Yakitori Guacamole Salad
Not Mine - Yakitori Guacamole Salad
Catherine makes a Spanish style gaucomole salad but tops it with a deliciously flavored Yakitori salad. A complete meal in itself.

Blog: Je Mange la Ville
Recipe: Blueberry Pasta Salad
Not Mine - blueberry pasta salad
Michelle got this recipe from Eating Well and she was a bit skeptical about how it would turn out. Who wouldn't be? Blueberries in pasta? But it came out perfectly with the great combination of blueberry with thyme and feta with lime. Thanks for such a creative summer pasta salad!

Blog: New Yorker By Heart
Recipe: Warm Salmon Salad and Chef Salad
Not Mine - tomato salad
Not Mine - smoked salmon salad
Birthe has blessed us with two summer salad recipes.

Blog: Once Upon A Feast
Recipe: What's In the Fridge Salad
Not Mine - refridgerator Salad
Ruth is a very practical and healthy person. She has a refrigerator full of healthy food that she can toss together into a delicous salad. This is the way to live. She is a South Beach Diet success story and you can see why!

Blog: Cascading Flavours
Recipe: Corn Pasta Salad
Not Mine - corn pasta-salad
Ramya made this salad early this summer to celebrate the Fourth of July. She combined two Native American ingredients, corn and green beans, in honor of the day.

Blog: Posie's Place
Recipe: Summer Salad
Not Mine - summer salad
Pamela has madce one of her favorite salads of the summer. This is the perfect meal salad. It has mozzarella and garlic marinated turkey plus corn. I have loved having corn in salad since the summer after 11th grade when I had it in Denmark. And to top it off there is some balsamic vinegar. Yum!

Blog: Retro-Food
Recipe: Sliced Cucumber Salad
What could be more refreshing that thinly sliced cucumbers and a small onion drizzled with vinegar? A couple of summers ago I made this at least once a week. It is time to start making it again!


Ruth said...

Gabriella - what awesome salads and what a lot of work you put in creating the round ups!

A great big THANK YOU!!!

Tarrant said...

Wow Gabriella! Fabulous job and such a lot of work! Thank you.

aria said...


uh oh, i think my salad is late!

great idea btw :)

Gabriella True said...

Ruth and tarrant - Thank you very much. It was a lot of fun!

Aria - I just got your email and this note. I have included you now. So sorry.