Monday, August 21, 2006

PHOTOGRAPHS: Family Wedding

View from Stryker Vineyards
View from Stryker Vineyards

Bridal Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet

Another View
Vineyards at Stryker Vineyards

Wisteria Vine over an Arbor
Wisteria Arbor at Stryker Vineyards

Wisteria Vine Seed Pods
Wisteria Pods

Flowers at the Wedding Area
Wedding Flowers

Ceremony Area
The Chapel

Flowers at the Cocktail Reception
Flower Arrangement

Fried Green Olives
Fried Green Olives

Fried Artichoke Hearts
Fried Artichokes

Seating Chart
Seating Chart

Dining in the Vault
Stryker Vineyard Wine Vault

The Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake


aria said...

what beautiful picture, wow! the fried artichoke hearts, mmmnn :) looks like a gorgeous day...

Gabriella True said...

The entire event was so beautiful. My camera battery died or I would have taken many more food photos.