Tuesday, April 25, 2006

THE DAILY REPORT: Monday, April 24

Well the boys definitely have colds. But luckily they took an extremely long nap and I am sure that had to have helped. I of course worked on this blog. So, how does it look?

Oh and guess what? My screen has half broken off but luckily it did not break on the side that connects the monitor to the computer because I obviously would not be able to use my computer. I am still under warranty so I can have it fixed. Thank God. So the repair man should be here in a few days with the new part.

First of all, I added all this html code and I have no clue as to what any of it means. It really is another language. I am surprised that I got these codes in the right places. I did make one big mistake and had to restart it all but it worked out okay. I hope it looks okay on other people's screens.

I added a banner of photographs at the top of the page. From left to right the pictures are of: Flan or Creme Caramel,a flower from my Mother's garden, a fountain at a La Purisma Mission in California, and cantaloupe melon balls with fresh mint. I took all the photographs of course except for the flower which my mother took last summer.

In the sidebar I added lots of goodies.

--One is a streaming list of today's headlines. I can't figure out how to customize that content so if someone wants to help me then please please please do.
--Also, PLEASE click through the buttons for all the charity sites. And then bookmark them on your computer so you can do them daily.
--I am also trying out some keywords with technorati that has a search for blogs. So put me in your favorites on technorati if you get a chance.
--Definitely click on the button for BlogTopSites and vote for me!
--I also put in buttons for Google Adsense and Google Adwords so if you are going to start advertising through Google on your site then please click through my blog and sign up. I wil actually get paid for it! But honestly, I am hardly thinking I will make any revenue off of that. I am not totally delusional. Oh and while you are clicking away, go ahead and click the Google Link at the top of the page and maybe I will make a few pennies.

Reluctant Housewife Daily Reports

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1 comment:

Tabatha Haley said...

Hi gabby,

love your web blog, Miss you and the boys very much. I would love to stay intouch and send you pics of Rachel and Nathan.
How are you and the boys doing?

hugs, tabatha