Saturday, April 22, 2006

THE DAILY REPORT: Saturday, April 22

My Daily Report will probably not be actually daily per se.

Today was a great day. Mom got to sleep in until about 10:00. Fabulous. Then we hurriedly pulled the boys together and I put a touch of make up and brushed back my hair into the ever-present ponytail. We then tootled down to Main Street. Yes, this Born and Bred New York City Girl lives in such a quaint town that we actually do have a Main Street. Classic. Actually, "classic" was the theme of the day. Seal Beach had its annual Classic Car Show. WOW. I have not been in a few years and it has really grown by leaps and bounds. It had been a small but great showing of fabulous classic cars. Now it is a large and still great showing of fabulous classic cars. I am sure there were 3-4 times as many cars this year.

By the pier, the Lions Club, hosts their annual Pancake Breakfast. We of course were almost too late for pancakes but we missed all the fixings that go along with like breakfast sausage and hash browns but we were right on the cusp between breakfast and lunch so they were just cooking up brats and dogs. Perfect. They had a live band and after pancakes that I forgot were being eaten by the boys so I had given them a light soak of syrup. They never have sugar so this must been a huge jolt to their system. But since were fast approaching nap time and still had lots of car show to look at it was okay because I can certainly say that they had enough energy to keep going and going and going for quite a while. Xander got up from his stroller and we danced in front of the pant. So cute. A little 22 month old boy rocking out to the sounds of Blondie, Queen and Pat Benatar. Yes, the Classic theme continued through Breakfast/Lunch. (It was definitely not a brunch.)

After walking the entire car show, which Xander walked at least half of and then sat right down on the ground and could not go another step, we went to the local library because they were having a book sale. Although they had plenty of classics for sales, I bought none. I instead indulged in a few books for $1 that are very easy to read. Frankly that is all I have time for.

Then we tootled back home and all took a nap. Perfect day.

Reluctant Housewife Daily Reports

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