Thursday, April 27, 2006

ENTERTAINING: Kentucky Derby is Saturday, May 6

The Kentuck Derby is coming around the bend!

Time to whip up a batch of Mint Juleps, put on your largest hat and open your door to all of your friends and watch the Kentucky Derby! This year will be the 132 year of the Kentucky Derby.

To decorate make sure you have lots and lots of roses! Roses were given to all the ladies who attended the Louisville Derby Party. After 1904, the rose became the official flower of the derby. In 1925, Bill Corum, a sports columnist, called the Kentucky the “Run for the Roses”. Since 1932, the roses have been presented as it is today, a garland of roses; 554 red roses are sewn onto a green satin cloth. There are a number of symbols also sewn onto the blanket. On one end there is number of the running and the twin spires and on the other end is the seal of the Commonwealth. There is also a single rose that is called a crown that symbolizes dedication, effort and passion needed to win the race.

A Little Derby History:
Kentucky and Louisville's early racing history. The founding of Churchill Downs and the Derby.
Early 1900's - From financial crisis to profitability.
American Turf Association and Churchill Downs reign.
Dominance of Calumet Farm to the 100th Derby.
Thomas Meeker takes charge. Track expansion, development, acquisitions and the dawn of simulcasting.
A New Century; A New Racetrack

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