Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SHOPPING: Juice Box? Not Exactly. Wine in a Box Updated

Well it may be made with grapes but it certainly is NOT grape juice. Wine to be exact actually. These "juice boxes" are the latest in wine packaging. Make sure you just don't put one into your kid's lunchbox.

Wine in a box, one serving at a time - The latest twist on ditching the bottle may be the most convenient yet. Jon Bonné takes a look

By Jon Bonné
Lifestyle editor - Lifestyle editor
Updated: 7:58 a.m. ET April 19, 2006

Just when we got used to wine in a box getting respectable, it’s been reinvented.
Three Thieves, a partnership of vintners Joel Gott and Roger Scommegna, and Charles Bieler of France’s Chateau Routas, knows something about packaging wine. Their jug wines — which kitschily evoked memories of low-grade plonk but improved on the wine in
the bottle — were revolutionary when unveiled a couple years ago. Next came their
1-liter Tetra Briks, soft-sided boxes that could easily tuck into a crowded refrigerator and eliminated the need for all that glass.

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