Monday, April 24, 2006

THE DAILY REPORT: Sunday, April 23

Day OFF!!

Well it was not planned or very well executed. I never left the house which was pretty stupid because I really need some time out all by my lonesome. I lolled in bed the whole day except for a short emergence during the day and then I got up to make and serve dinner and of course get the boys to bed.

Tucking in the boys is my favorite moment of the whole day. And not just because that means they are going to sleep and I have the night to myself. But because I there is nothing cuter than little boys in their fleece pajamas all curled up in their cribs with their blankets and stuffed animals. Xander LOVES stuffed animals and lets everyone know it. He kisses them all the time. Just too precious for words. Timmy would prefer to have a couple mega blocks to play with in his crib. Not exactly the most cuddly toys but he likes them so who am I to judge? Timmy does not really sleep with a blanket either but Xander loves to be covered up with his blanket and tucked all in. Then I zip them into their crib tents. Xander would be out of that crib in the morning before I knew that it was morning. Timmy would not be able to climb out at this point but I figured Xander might be upset that his brother did not have the same set up and Timmy might as well get used to it.

Okay back to ME! I played a few games on my phone. Totally juvenile. I never cracked open a book either. But, wait, hold on... I listened to a book on my ipod. Elizabeth Berg's Open House. I listened to half of it so I am not sure how it ends. It is about a woman who is going through the after affects of being suddenly left by her husband. It is in the first person and basically all she does is talks about herself and what she is feeling. I like it. I can imagine having some of the same questions as she does about what her future holds if that were to happen to me. She is lucky that she has enough money to do as she pleases. Yes, she does need a roommate to help with the mortgage because she refuses to sell the house but her ex-husband pays child support and alimony without much trouble. It is hardly literature. It is an easy read, plain and simple. It is a fairy tale and not all that realistic but for a few real emotions.

Then I got up and made lunch for dinner. Egg Salad sandwiches. Delicious. And everyone seemed to love them.

The boys are getting colds. UCK. poor miserable wretches. I guess I should brace myself for a hard week, especially when I will probably get this cough too.

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