Thursday, April 27, 2006

SHOPPING: The Hi-Tech Crib

This is the newest in Crib design. This is absolutely wild. I am guessing that crib tents might not fit to well into them.

Does your crib have these features: Automatic Rocking, Video Monitoring, Raising and Lowering, Air Circulation, or Saftey Window rather than bars?

Where can you get it and for how much? Sorry folks, no dice. It is not available for sale quite yet.

The Intellicot Cot from Cencio truly breaks the mould. Featuring unique, practical features and striking modern design, no longer is a cot simply a wooden cage with a mattress.

- Develop a regular sleeping pattern with automatic rocking
- Help keep your child cool in summer with air circulation
- Reduce parents bending and back strain with the built in lifting system
- Keep an eye on your child from anywhere in your house with the integrated video monitor

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