Saturday, April 22, 2006

SHOPPING: Occupation-Mom and Wife. Business Cards Needed

No, I am not the only mom out there that takes her job seriously. Part of that job is establishing contacts. Those contacts range from networking with other mothers on the best schools, potty training techniques, associates for your children to play with to enhance their ability to share and other such skills, and the list goes on. So with all this big business we conduct on a daily basis, why should we not have business cards? After all we are in the business of keeping a family. I think I will put an order of cards in the budget.

Alyson Ward wrote a recent article on just that.

Handy info cards for the business of mothering
Alyson Ward

Knight-Ridder Newspapers

Does carrying a “mommy business card” and a carrying case make
motherhood too much like a business? Or is it just the thing for harried moms
trying to organize many lives?
Afew years ago Nancy Klein dropped her
daughter off for a play date. Before she walked out the door, she decided she
should leave a phone number in case of emergency. And, as always, she started
scrambling for pen and paper.

The article continues at:

1) Momics:
Nancy Klein, a California mom herself, writes a snarky commentary comic seriees on motherhood called "Momics". She offers a choice of 5 characters for her Mom Cards; $31.95 for a set of 60.

2) Mommy Biz: Mom to Caroline used to be in sales and handed out business cards all the time and when it came time to networking with other moms she thought she had the great idea of business cards and voila! Mommy Biz. She has a wide range of cute images for your cards.

3) Moms Ink:

Reluctant Housewife Shopping Articles

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