Saturday, April 22, 2006

SHOPPING: PickaPeppa Sauce

Seriously, if you do not know about Pickapeppa then I feel sorry for the times you have missed but have no fear! Because you can run out and get some. And no, I am not affiliated with the company in anyway. I wish I were because then I could get tons of free samples.

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Pickapeppa SauceJamaica's International Legend

Pickapeppa Sauce was created in Shooter's Hill, Jamaica in 1921 and is still made there today. Prepared with cane vinegar and aged in oak barrels, Pickapeppa Sauce has a sweet but mellow flavor that gives it an unmatched versatility. It has, in fact, been called Jamaican Ketchup in tribute to its range of uses. Pickapeppa is undoubtedly a unique and delicious Jamaican sauce. From cream cheese to crab dip to barbeque to baked bananas, Pickapeppa Sauce is the perfect choice to add smooth, sweet flavor to any dish.



We have been eating this snack in my family since I can remember eating snacks. Do we really need to discuss how long that is?
Chedder Cheese
Lay the triscuits on a baking sheet and place small square of chedder cheese on each. Then drizzle pickapeppa sauce on each. Bake until cheese has started to melt. Yummers.

This is from the pickapeppa website
1 5oz. Bottle Pickapeppa Sauce
1 8oz. Block Cream Cheese
1 Box Crackers
Opened block of cream cheese on serving dish. Pour bottle of Pickapeppa Sauce over block of cream cheese. Spread on crackers.
If you're looking for a dip instead of a spread, mix bottle of Pickapeppa Sauce and block of cream cheese in food processor, and use as a dip with cut veggies. Also good with non-fat cream cheese if you're watching you weight.

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