Tuesday, April 25, 2006

MOTHERHOOD: Drink Lots of Milk When Pregnant

I drank lots of whole milk when I was pregnant with the twins because I wanted to get them as much protein and fat as possible and that was an easy thing to add to my diet. Turns out I had good intuition on that. According to a new study, pregnant who do not drink enough milk have lower birthweight babies.

Birth weight affected by milk intake: study
Updated Tue. Apr. 25 2006 10:22 PM ET
CTV.ca News Staff

Women who aren't drinking enough milk during pregnancy are giving birth to smaller babies, putting their developing infants at harm, a Canadian study suggests.

Researchers believe it is the lack of vitamin D in milk that is leading to the slower growth in babies.

A collaborative study between Montreal's McGill University and the
University of Calgary found pregnant women who drank less than 250 millilitres of milk a day, or about a glass, delivered smaller babies than women who consumed more.


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