Friday, July 07, 2006

DAILY REPORT: Friday, July 6

Well I threw my back out. It hurts to stand up to cook so I have not cooked this week except for last night I did make some cornbread. My husband who does not cook followed my directions on how to cook a steak. It was delicious and I was very touched that he would do that. Now I need to work my powers to get him to vacuum.

The long weekend was fun. We took the boys down to Newport Beach. Xan was terrified of going near the big waves. He acts so bold but he really is a Momma's Boy. But he did like to splash in the wet sand after the wave had left. Now Timmy, my mild mannered little baby of a boy was Mr. Fearless. Charge!!!!!!!!!! He kept trying to crawl deeper and deeper into the water. A wave would come pow and knock him over. Did he get upset? Nope, I helped him sit back up and he blinked the water out of his eyes and Charge!!!! back to the waves. Then I carried him way out into the water. It was way out because the tide was low and coming in and we had to go quite a long way to get past the bulk of the breaking waves and into a little bit of depth so I could let him float in the water a bit with his new inner tube floatie. He was a little less fearless at first but then the swell of the ocean lifted him up and down and I held on to him and he began to smile and give little giggles. But then a big wave would come and I would lift him above my head. This is how I threw out my back. Totally worth it really.

Then on 4th of July we went to the park and had a picnic that we threw together in a big rush. Xander just ran around the park looking at all the people picnicking and playing soccer and volleyball. Timmy sat with Dad and ate. He did not crawl around until he was quite sure there was nothing left to eat. Then Charge! he went towards the duck pond but there was no way I was going to let him into that icky water. He was quite annoyed actually. But then he found some more food in the bag and I had to hide the rest.

Xander is teething. He is not a good teether. Today was rough. Nothing made him happy. He whined, cried and then fell into tantrums constantly. It actually did not drive me too crazy though because I just felt so badly for him.

Today I reserved a car for our trip to Sonoma to my cousin's wedding in August. And then a couple hours later we got the invitation for the rehearsal dinner. I felt so on top of it! The moment will pass. Oh wait... it already passed.

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