Friday, July 14, 2006


Today is the second birthday of my two perfect boys.

I love you both so much and that love grows every day. My love expands every single day. As soon as my eyes open in the morning I think, ooh another day with those little wretched children that I can't wait to give so many kisses to and see those bright smiles and dancing eyes as soon as I walk into the nursery. I was so terrified when my water broke because it was too early although it was a lot later than we were expecting. The moment you took your first breathes you were showing everyone what strong boys you are and how precious you are. But of course we knew that even before you were born but you wanted to make sure we were paying close attention. I am so sorry that I was not able to get into the NICU for the first day of your life. I was so fortunate to have been wheeled into the NICU post-C-Section before they took me to my room otherwise I would never have been able to bare it. I know you were in very good hands with Daddy and Granny though. And the moment I saw you I wept and almost fainted. All those tubes and wires were so scary but your chests going in up and down and the little twitches in your arms and legs showed me how hard you were working to get out of the NICU. And then I got to see how incredibely beautiful you two are with two of the most precious little faces I have ever seen in my life. I was completely overwhelmed.

And here you are today. I sneak into your nursery and stare down at your sleeping faces. So content. Better than content. You both look blissful. You don't even know what a special day this is. But we do and we are here to celebrate it with all our heart and soul. I can't wait until you wake up so I can kiss and tickle you from head to toe. I will be very sleepy but being sleepy will never be an impedement to loving every moment with you. God Bless You Both.

xo xo Mommy


Kalyn said...

How wonderful!! I wish them both a very happy birthday.

tabby said...

Wow, Today is there Birthday, Happy Birthday.

Laura said...

Your post has made me cry. I went up-stairs and gave my son and daughter a big kiss, Thank You! Sometimes us mothers need to be reminded that we are solely here on earth for our children.

sher said...

What a wonderful post!! Hugs to you and your boys. I too can't wait to see how the party goes--and the cake!!!!! Happy Birthday boys!

doodles said...

what a wonderful post to your children - such love comes from your words. A are blessed and so are your boys.
Happy Birthday!!!

Erika said...

What a beautiful tribute to your boys. I hope you print it out and put it in a scrapbook for them to look back on when they are older. happy Birthday Timmy and Xander!

simplicity is fine said...

hi gabriella,
thanks so much for having us at your timmy and xander's bday party. it was justlovely. you had the lovliest creativity! great food and beautiful everything. and your boys are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful thing to write to your boys on their birthday, Gabriella.

Erica said...


your words brought tears to my eyes. I remember 2 years ago today that your little tots were born, my how time flies. I have missed you so much and have wondered how the boys and you were doing. Can't wait to see pics of them sweetie. email me sometime PLEASE.

Love Ya
Erica aka Noah's Mom

Gabriella True said...

Thanks everyone. My life has been blessed by those two precious boys.

Erika - Hi dear!! It is so nice to hear from you.

Simpy- I was so glad you all came. My mom was going on and on about how much she adored you and the boys