Sunday, July 09, 2006

EVENT: Paper Chef #19 - Coriander, Corn, Pine Nuts and Independence


I was a bit over zealous and made two dishes for this month's Paper Chef #19. I made Chicken Stuffed with Corn and Feta and Corn Bread with Cumin and Coriander. I forgot to take a picture of the Coriander so I will try to remember and add it tomorrow.

Pine Nuts

So when you read the recipes you will obviously see the Corn, Coriander and Pine Nuts. But where is the Independance Day ode? Well, first of all, I have Independence this month because none of these recipes will actually be judged as I won last month's Paper Chef # 18 with my Veal Scallopini with Egg Noodles and Arugula Salad and Strawberry Vinaigrette. and am helping Kevin of Seriously Good judge this month. Also, this event was timed around American Independance Day - July 4th.

Roasted Corn Detail

Well, cornbread is pretty American but this Corn Bread with Cumin and Corianderis really not a Southwest Corn Bread because the addition of the Pine Nuts and Cumin and Coriander really adds a new twist. This cornbread is really best hot out of the oven with some butter. It goes perfectly with a simply grilled steak. My husband and toddlers have been chomping on this all weekend. And evidently so has the carpet because I must vacuum first thing in the morning. That is where the Reluctant Housewife rears its ugly head. And I think Corn Bread and Steak is a great Fourth of July feast.

So having made the cornbread why make another recipe? Why not! And I really do love to put coriander with my chicken. I also had grilled up a large batch of fresh corn and had this feta block in my refrigerator. Thinking cap goes on. I thought it would be best to do a rolled chicken breast. I have made chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta and spinach many times for parties and had been wanting to make a variation on the theme for quite a while. So! Chicken Stuffed with Corn and Feta was created. My husband asked if I could make this again. I have a goat cheese one coming up at some point. And this recipe is perfect for an Independence Day Picnic


Angel said...

That looks very good.

t allen said...

grr. One more blog I am now addicted to! Found your page through, and you have been included on my favorites! One look was all it took. I LOVE Food, and browsing recipes on the web. Thanks!

Gabriella True said...

Angel - I am so excited that you have joined us in PC this month! that is such fabulous news.

T.Allen - so sorry. I know there are "too many" yummy bloggers out there. But we just breed happiness!

Bron said...

Wow you went all out!
The chicken look positively divine, I can't wait to try it!!

Ruth said...

All of the dishes look wonderful and such a great help for those intimidated by the kitchen.

Thanks for sharing.

I really should try to remember to try a Paper Chef event. They sound like such fun.

Gabriella True said...

Blogging can be such a wonderful mutual admiration society. got to love that.

bron - I was obviously inspired by your entry last month - rolling it all up.

Ruth - You mean to tell me that you have not done one? It is SO MUCH fun. yes, I am a food dork. You MUST do it next month.