Tuesday, July 11, 2006

EVENT: Foodography#6 - HOT Photographs

Pasta Cooked


Well this month’s challenge was HOT. I made the big mistake of looking to see what everyone else was doing before I thought about what I was doing. I was inspired that is for sure but nothing came to mind. Well not anything that would be comparable to what was already shown. I have been trying to take pictures of steam for a while though. It is a tricky tricky matter. Either it is completely white and you can’t see a thing or it is too faint and the photo just looks out of focus. I would love to get a picture of the hot water and steam being poured out of a big pot but that would involve a second person to help me and that I don’t have. So… I poured the pasta into a colander and quickly snapped away at it hoping for the best. I got some dreadful shots but this one was the best. Definitely not great but worth the effort.

To learn more about Foodogrpahy check out Becks and Posh
"This month's challenge is HOT! Hot can mean many things in the food world, so use your imagination to get that feeling of heat across in your own unique and individual way. With Summer approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter drawing in on the South, HOT! is the perfect theme for everyone the world over. Head over to Flickr where we host the challenge to find out exactly how to enter."

Pasta Cooked


sher said...

Oh, I commend you on capturingthose pictures!! It's very hard to get that, in my opinion. Well done!

Gabriella True said...

Thanks Sher! you are too sweet.

gattina said...

Really A nice try! Oh I've skipped Foodography a couple of rounds...

Ulla said...

haha! love the photos!