Friday, July 14, 2006


Well. My boys are now two years old. How is this possible? These pictures are from when they were still 1 well 1 and 360 days. I will post pictures from their birthday next weekend.

I am totally hopeless and gave the boys one of their birthday presents early. I got this little tube for them to crawl in and out of. It is shorter than many of them out there but it is still great fun. Timmy crawled through it without hesitation. It rolls back and forth as they crawl through it so sometimes it knocks them right over and you hear a big thud. But so far no tears. Xander was hesitant but then he saw his brother going through and then it became a contest, a one sided contest, to see who could make it through first. Xander pushed ahead and they came out the other side at the same time. And then Xan got so excited that when they went back into their tunnel he started kissing Timmy. Melt my heart.






And then they sleep! We have two tuckered out little boys who are sound asleep in their cribs and do not even seem to notice when that pesky mother of theirs, me, goes in and takes pictures with the flash lighting up the whole nursery.



Angel said...

Ooh cool tube. I want one.

Gabriella True said...

Angel - they are great! I got this one at Target. They have them all over though. This one is a relatively short one but I think that seems to be jut fine. They say that they are for ages 3 and up. There are no small parts on them so I am not quite sure why it got that rating. Also, they do flip around in there as it will roll so for little kids/babies whose strength is not that of a 3 year old but my son's Physical Therapist says it is great bc they really learn balance in them. So I would put it on a carpet or the soft grass for Hayley for a while.

I started by rolling a ball through to the boys so they could see that something went through.