Saturday, July 22, 2006

DAILY REPORT: It's Too Darn Hot - Saturday, July 22

It is too darn hot! I really wish we had air conditioning. I can't cook. It is way too hot. My computer is a lap top and I use it just that way - on my lap - and it is too darn hot to hold this hot device much longer. I think I will be posting lightly for a while. So don't forget my Summer Salads Event.

The Kids:
Why will my little Xander not sleep? Probably too hot. It is 10:35 and he is awake in his crib. I hear him rattling around quietly. I think I will go check that he has not taken his clothes and his diaper off. Oh no. Timmy started to cry. Got to run. Well they needed some water. Normally I never go in and give them water but since it is so hot I am always worried about them dehydrating.

Travelling to Sonoma:
So - we are going up to Sonoma soon for a wedding. Anyone have suggestions of places we must go to? Spas and Food specifically. Well of course wine too.

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