Sunday, July 09, 2006

EVENT: Weekend Herb Blogging - WHB#40 - Rice with Parsley and Lemon


Well since I am hostess WHB this week I thought I would make some fabulously complicated dish. I made Chicken Stuffed with Feta and Corn, which has Parsley in it. But I made that for Paper Chef#19. Not that I mind using the same recipe for different food blog events I just thought I would best make a separate one this week. So, what to make? Well. I changed my mind and made something fabulously simple. Rice. But I added parsley and scallions so Rice with Parsley and Scallions. I find they go really well together and it is what I had on hand. I always think you should have at least a couple of fresh herbs in the fridge or growing somewhere around or in your house so you can just use them in everything. And to me that is what WHB is all about – using those herbs.

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Kalyn said...

Sounds yummy. I like the idea of using some lemon zest in the rice too, along with the herbs.

Gabriella True said...

The lemon really lifts the flavor.

Ruth said...

Since going on the South Beach Diet, I've cut back on eating rice. Mostly because I really am not a big fan of brown rice. That said, I find that adding lemon zest and fresh parsley to it makes it come alive.

Thanks for sharing.

Gabriella True said...

Ruth - isn' there some white rice that is low glycemic? Kalyn was talking about it on her blog recently.