Monday, July 03, 2006


Angel of Fruit Salad who luckily for us started Weekend Baby Blogging is going to have to move that crib mattress down quickly before Hayley who has decided that crawling is for the birds and walking really is the way to go. Well, standing up in her crib shows that she is on her way.

Erika from Tummy Treasure has joined us this week for Weekend Baby Blogging! Look at this pair! She too has a Zander but with a Z while mine is a Xander with an X. Nothing says summer than kids jumping around in a play pool. Zander before this photograph was a bit afraid of water but look at him now! There is no stopping him and his sister is of course helping show him the proper way to splash.

Fourth of July 2005-1st Year Bottle Challenge
Breastmilk or Formula - A baby's first love for food.

Well, I was nostalgic - AGAIN. So I wanted to share pictures from the last Fourth of July when the boys were almost 1. What cute little chubby babies.

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Oh. Babies or course come in ALL AGES!! So your children of all ages are included.

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eliza said...

wow...what a wonderful collection of pictures! i feel the same way as you do about breastmilk! :)

Gabriella True said...

Hi Eliza! I pumped for 4 months and had enough for just under 6 months.