Friday, July 14, 2006

PHOTOGRAPHS: The First Days in the NICU with the Twins

Well I thought I would look back at some old pictures from two years ago.

This is me at 32 weeks - 1 week before you were born. I wonder how much bigger I would have gone if I went close to full term.

32 Weeks Standing

This was Timmy just a few hours after he was born and he was already breathing on his own. He stayed in the NICU for 5 more weeks. He was moved out of the most critical care NICU room about 8-12 hours after birth.
Timmy Day 1

This was Xander the day he was born. He was in the most critical room of the NICU where he stayed for a week with only 4 weeks total in the NICU.
Xander Day 1

Timmy on on his 2nd Day.
Timmy Day 1

This is Xander on his 2nd Day and it was the first time I was allowed to touch him. It was an incredible moment.
Xander Day 2


ramya said...

Thanks for sharing.and happy birthday to your wonderful twins.

Angel said...

Wow, you must have been so uncomfortable. I only had one and she had her feet stuffed up into my ribs during the last three months...ouch.

Paula said...

Happy Birthday, Timmy and Xander!! What wonderful pictures. Thanks for giving us a peek.

Bron said...

Oh my! Those pictures bring back some memories!!
It's like you stole our photo album, hehe!
However I was hardly even showing with my first born, she came 7 weeks early also, barely 3lbs and I didn't see her for the first 24 hours, I was just too ill... so many emotions, a very scary time indeed!
Hannah is a fit, bubbly, almost 7 year old now, how time flies!

Thanks show much for sharing Gabriella!
Many happy birthday hugs for your boys and for their Mom! ;-)

Bron said...

Opps! Thanks SO much!
It's a bit early in the morning for me I think...hehehe

sher said...

Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. How precious they both are. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures with us. And you look beautiful in that picture.

Tali Rothstein said...

Gazzie, I'm so happy to have heard of your blog... I'm so excited for you all - Happy Birthday!!!! I have tears in my eyes looking at all hte pictures and remembering all you have been through. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))

Yehonatan just had his 1st birthday, BTW!


Gabriella True said...

Thanks everyone for sharing with me.

Bron - I had no idea. what a wee little baby you had. My boys were giants compared to your girl at 4 pounds.

Tali - it is so nice to see you. I can't believe Yehonatan is already 1! That is simply amazing.

Glenna said...

They're both beautiful! So sweet.

Forgive my new graduate enthusiasm but, of course, what do I notice first in the pics? Xander's ventilator circuit tubing and the knicks on Timmy's heels from being stuck for capillary blood gases to assess the adequacy of his ventilation..sigh...and then I think about what an incredible world of medical technology we live in and I'm so grateful.

Happy Birthday, Little Men!