Saturday, July 01, 2006

RECIPE: Sauteed Cod with Dried Herb Mix for Fish

Cod with Herbs

Cod with Herbs

1-2 tablespoons olive oil
1 1/2 pound of black cod fillets
Salt and pepper
1 1/2 teaspoons Herb Mix

Sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper on both sides of the fish. Press herb mix onto one side of the fish. In a non-stick skillet heat the olive oil over medium-high heat until hot but not smoking. Place cod, herb side down, in the pan and cook for 3 minutes and then flip and cook an additional 3 minutes or until opaque and just starting to flake. You may have to cook the fish in two batches if you have too small of a pan. Transfer fish to a platter and serve.

Herb Mix for Fish

3 tablespoons Dried Fennel
3 tablespoons Dried Marjoram, well crumbled
2 tablespoons Dried Savory, well crumbled
1 tablespoon Dried Thyme, well crumbled
2 teaspoon Dried Sage, ground

Combine all the herbs together and keep in a spice jar.

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Kalyn said...

Oh, I do like the sound of this. I'm quite fond of cod when it's prepared well.

Gabriella True said...

You could really use almost any fillet fish with this like an Orange Roughy or something like that.

The spices are perfect though. I use them with the addition of red pepper flakes and a slice or two of ginger with poached fish like trout but not with salmon.

Ruth said...

Wow - I just tried a citrus herb rub on cod today. Although I have mixed emotions about mine. The rub ingredients sounded (and smelled awesome) but somehow something seemed missing. I think I should have crushed the rub ingredients a bit more - it sort of was like dried sticks of grass! I'll write about it tomorrow. Who knows maybe someone will have a suggestion or two.

Gabriella True said...

Did it have rosemary in it Ruth? Rosemary can be like eating wood. I need to remember to take a picture of the herbs to put up with the recipe. The only spice that is large/whole are the fennel seeds.

sher said...

That looks delicious and comforting, and it's the kind of simple dish that I would turn to again and again. Thanks!

Gabriella True said...

Sher, I agree - and it is so easy that it is a great thing to whip up quickly which is even better in the summer when I have little tolerance for hot kitchens.