Saturday, July 01, 2006

EVENT: ARF#27 - White Bean Salad

Sweetnicks famous Antioxident Rich Food Tuesday is geared towards, yes, you guessed it Antioxident Rich Foods, but certainly not limited to. Just create some delicious food with vegetables and join in on the fun.

So this weekend I made an easy White Bean Salad. It is healthy. It tastes healthy but not that "not so yummy healthy". Do you know what I mean by that? That healthy taste that makes you feel like you are sacrificing taste for your health? This recipe is not that.

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Doll said...

Reluctant. No way. You seem to be the precfect housewife (from your about me). Your hubby must be proud of you. No?

Neat blog.

Gabriella True said...

VERY Reluctant. I like to cook though. I DESPISE cleaning. I DESPISE vacuuming. I run my carpet sweeper after meals around the high chairs. I have gotten my husband to wash the laundry but I put it away.