Monday, July 31, 2006


We took the boys to Baby Loves Disco last weekend and it was a complete blast! The boys were totally groovin! Xander had just woken up from a nap in the car and was a bit cranky at first then he had a bunch of strawberries and a juice box. They never have juice so he was roaring to go. Then he saw the dance floor and ran up to it and started to wiggle around. Timmy loved bouncing up and down in our arms and I got on my knees so I could help him stand and dance. He just kept giggling. Then they started the bubble machine and Xander was in seventh heaven. And then they got to play with balloons and Timmy ws fully in heaven. I highly suggest you all go if it comes to town.

The bubbles are coming!!

Helping Timmy to Dance!

Xander is shaking and shimmying

Disco Lights in slow mo

Mo has gotten on of his first balloons

Xander grabs one!

And then over at Fruit Salad - Baby Hayley is taking a snoozle. What is about babies sleeping that makes them SO cute.

My Muzingz has joined us one again! Look at this precious child. Whirling around in that big swing. I wish they made one that would fit me!

We have a new blogger joining us! Shugah's Suger is such a darling little boy who said that he loved his Momma right before she snapped this heavenly picture!

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Oh. Babies or course come in ALL AGES!! So your children of all ages are included.

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Angel said...

All these walking babies! I can't wait, although I'm sure I'll regret those words.

sher said...

I loved looking at those pictures!! Thank you so much for sharing. I mean that.

Gabriella True said...

Angel Angel Angel! You will regret it big time!! There are nice things like she will be able to walk while you carry in bags from the grocery store from the car to the house but beyond that!!

Shere - I know you do! And we lurves to share!

Nau-Dee said...

Great Pict's, ADORABLE children and a wonderful blog...I'm totally enjoying it!