Monday, July 03, 2006


So my boys are turning 2 this month and I am really being nostalgic. So again I am sharing pictures from last year. These are probably obviously from the Fourth of July. We just had a little family picnic. The boys were not walking yet and actually Timmy was not even crawling yet but we were so proud that when we sat him up he could sit for a few minutes. Xander was an expert crawler and fast, very fast.

Fourth of July 2005-1st Year Me and the Boys
Me and the Boys

Fourth of July 2005-1st Year Bottle Challenge
Probably the Last Chance Timmy Had a Chance at Taking Away the Bottle from Xander

Fourth of July 2005-1st Year Timmy
Timmy is Sitting, Well Once We Put Him There!

Fourth of July 2005-1st Year Xander
Xander - I Would LOVE to Know What this Expression is about.

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Ruth said...

They are too cute and I love the t-shirts! I can't wait to see this year's shots to see how they've grown.

Happy 4th of July!

Angel said...

Look ma, no hands!

Gabriella True said...

Ruth - I could not resist those little onesies. I have them packed away in their little/big box. I already know what they are wearing tomorrow.

Angel - HA HA HA that is so funny.

sher said...

I love looking at your boys!!!!!

Gabriella True said...

ME TOO! Thanks Sher.