Sunday, July 09, 2006

EVENT: Breakfast Blogging #1- Lox and Bagels

Lox Salmon Bagel

Saffron Trail has a new bi-monthly event - Breakfast Blogging to tell the truth, I am not really a breakfast maker or eater. This is one way in which I am a Reluctant Housewife. I am not a morning person so the idea of making a big "to do" is so far from pleasant for me. So guess what? I just don't.

But I am always up for eating Lox and Bagels - Smoked Salmon and Bagels - This is my favorite breakfast food besides poached eggs, grits and sausage which I would prefer to have made for me.. I know that bagels are jam packed with carbs. I don’t care.

I love assembling these with care. Lightly toasted bagel so there is that crunchy toasted outer layer that surrounds that carbolicious dough. Then I put a thick smear of cream cheese on top. Next comes a thin layer of red onions with fresh tomatoes over that. Gingerly I place the salmon on top so that the folds are all even. I sprinkle quite a bit of ground pepper on top. My husband loves capers. So I pour them all over his but scrape them off mine, as I do not care for them.

Usually I can’t eat a whole lox bagel sandwich and am fully full by the time I had a half but still nibble until I am three-quarters done then push the plate away before I eat that remaining quarter. And then I am sublimely happy.


Nandita said...

Thanks for your beautiful breakfast idea. Catch you at the round up!

Gabriella True said...

Oh it was my pleasure after all I got to eat it!

Paz said...

I don't have it often, but I love lox and bagels! Thanks for posting about it. I think I'll have it this weekend.


Gabriella True said...

you should. It is so tasty!!! I just love to build up my big sandwich and then dive right in.