Monday, July 10, 2006

EVENT: ARF#28 - Blueberry Strawberry Pie

berry pie detail 1

Pie. Fruit pie. That has summer written all over it. So I made up Blueberry Strawberry Pie. Now, I know that technically these two fruits are usually not perfectly in season at the same time but in today’s bizarre world of get anything when you want, I went ahead with it. I made this last weekend for the Fourth of July.

And it is so nice to know that this is high in Anti-Oxidents too. See how healthy I am? Snicker. Please see all the wonderful creations on Sweetnicks for ARF Tuesdays!

2 Berry Lattice Pie


jenjen said...

Oh my gosh...this looks too good for words... you are amazing!

Gabriella True said...

It was delicious. I had not made a summer berry pie in years. And it was my first lattice.