Saturday, July 22, 2006

ON FOOD: Hot Dogs Go Organic

I really do love hot dogs. No, I really do not want to know what I am eating thank you very much. A long while back I tried some of those natural dogs and organic hot dogs and I was not really all that impressed. I take my junk food very seriously. Well... a couple of weeks ago The New York Times reported on my plight. Well not my personal plight. But I guess I was not alone.

For Natural Dogs, A Growing Appetite By KIM SEVERSON: Published: July 5, 2006.

Kim says that although organic hot dogs have been around for at least 10 years there are new ones on the market that taste much better and they are healthier for you too, in short “The politically correct frankfurter.”
Do you have doubts about this? Well according to the article,

“The key is that the curing code has recently been cracked. Instead of relying on sodium nitrates or the more common sodium nitrites for color, texture and
shelf life, hot dog makers have found a magic solution of celery juice, lactic acid and sea salt that rescues the organic dog from its tough brown reputation and rockets it to pink juiciness. It also addresses the concern among some consumers and scientists that nitrites and nitrates might contribute to cancer.”

Basically what it boils down to is that organic hot dog manufacturers are trying to make these healthier dogs taste unhealthy; just the way I like it. Oh and most of them seem to be grass fed and not grain fed too.

Brands to Try:

Applegate Farms

Organic Valley

Let's Be Frank

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