Sunday, May 21, 2006

DAILY REPORT: 1 Month Birthday!! Sunday, May 21

Yep that is right. I have officially been blogging for 1 month. I obviously have dove head first, plunging fast as I can. My main topics are Food (Recipes, Food Blog Events, Culinary Discovery), Motherhood, Daily Reports, Photography, and Shopping.

I have loved taking part in many Blog Food Events. I never even knew they existed until about one or two days after I started posting. They have really gotten me back into the kitchen and cooking with flair. Since the twins were born almost two years ago, I have spent precious little time in the kitchen which is a place I love dearly. I had lost most of my motivation for heading into the kitchen and taking lots of care and really experimenting with recipes. Yes, I made almost all the baby food I could with the very best organic ingredients I could find but I think that pretty much zapped me. The fact that I was not cooking up meals that were even close to gourmet for my husband and me upset me a lot. But, I look at my boys who, like many twins, were born almost two months early, and I see how healthy they are I know it was worth putting all my efforts into their diet. But now they are eating “people food” or table food and now I only have to really cook one dinner. Sometimes I leave off certain very hot spices for them but for the most part they eat everything we eat. And I have to say; I think my menu choices are the healthier for it.

My Daily Reports are much like this one, a free-rambling post about current events in my life. They are not daily which I knew at the point I started this exercise would not be. But it is nice to talk about me to me and if anyone else enjoys reading them well that is nice too.

I hope to do more entries on Motherhood and Shopping finds. I just have not actually had time to do that which obviously is totally understandable. Plus how many posts can I make a day!

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ken sloan said...

:D Congratulations on your anniversary in blogging!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on a month of blogging!

I wanted to let you know: the recap for Blog Party is now up...thanks for joining in.

Ruth said...

congratulations! and welcome to the family

By the way your ginger creme anglaise entry for Sugar High Friday was a HUGE success at my bbq yesterday. Thanks for sharing it!

The recap will be up next Monday. I can't wait to see what everyone else submits.

Gabriella True said...

Thanks Everyone!

Ken, I will have to go check out your blog. Nice to meet you.

Stephanie - fabulous - I will go update that post with the link to the recap and then go and enjoy everyone else's dishes.

Ruth - oooh that is great news. I can't wait for the recap. I can never get enough ginger. I just bought some more today at the big weekend shop.

chocoadik said...

it's been a month? time flew! congratulations! :D

Gabriella True said...

Thanks deary.