Monday, May 01, 2006

Seriously Good: Asparagus Aspirations

Seriously Good: Asparagus Aspirations

Edited to Add: The Round Up is here!! Thank you so much Kevin!

Kevin Weeks is hosting Seriously Good: Asparagus Aspirations. So if you are an asaparagus lover like I am, then get yourself over to his blog and check out all the other bloggers who have posted recipes. It is a really fun event.

I have posted a VERY basic entry. Asparagus Cooked Three Ways - Steamed, Roasted, and In Brown Butter. These basic ways to cook asparagus are to be part of my series on What to Cook For Mother's Day in which I want to encourage the novice cook - like the dad and/or the kids of the family - to create a wonderful meal for the star of the day - MOM! So I just thought I would stick with the idea that there is elegance in simplicity. Now go get cooking and eating!


Melissa CookingDiva said...

I love asparagus---now, I just need to find some nice ones. They are not a popular veggie over here :(

Gabriella True said...

I would collapse without asparagus. Do you know anyone who can grow some? My grandfather and uncle always grew theres. It is a beautiful plant.

But, you know I bet we don;t get some of your produce over here.