Tuesday, May 02, 2006

WEEKEND HERB BLOGGING #31: Lavender Lemon Chicken

Please check out Kayln’s Kitchen who hosts Weekend Herb Blogging. Celebrate food with the taste of herbs! Kalyn’s Kitchen Weekend Herb Blogging #31

Originally uploaded by gaztrue.

Lavender and Thyme are the two herbs that are featured in my Lavender Lemon Chicken Recipe.


Kalyn said...

I think this sounds really interesting. I'm pretty sure I haven't tasted lavender, but I'd love to try it.

Gabriella True said...

I have cooked a lot with lavender. It is near and dear to my heart. I will be submitting new creations with lavender in the upcoming months most likely. Of course time will dictate me coming up with new ones.

Just don't use too much lavender or it gets mediciney tasting. ick.