Saturday, May 06, 2006

EVENT: Foodography #4 - Green Food

Becks and Posh is hosting Foodography #4 - Green Food

From the Becks and Posh blog:

This month's theme gives you the opportunity to snap anything and
everything food in shades from drab olive to bright Chartreuse.
I, of course, am a complete novice when it comes to photography. Yes, I can take a great snapshot of one of my adorable twins. No one would ever consider using my photographs of food in any cookbook or anything like that. But, that does not bother me. I am just doing this for fun and fun it is. I eat all the food I cook or bake so I am not going to use any food styling techniques in my photographs. I do not have a fancy camera, lights, backdrops or even photoshop to enhance the beauty of the food. So, the light will be off, my messy kitchen will most likely be in the background and it sure will not be glossy. But know this, it will be taken with heart and eaten with relish.

I urge you to look at all the other photographs in the Flikr group - Foodography # 4 -Green as many are really quite beautiful.


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