Monday, May 22, 2006

ENTERTAINING: Speaking of Cakes

This is the birthday cake I made for the boys' first birthday last year - July 2005. I also made them each a smash cake of their very own.

To decorate I used a buttercream to cover and then I used that spray paint for cakes that you can buy in the baking section of the grocery store. then I piped the borders and the grass. I bought the safari animals at a local party store. The clouds are dabbed on buttercream then I put on edible clear sparkles on top. From I bought the little safari animal sugar decorations, edible rocks, and the plastic trees.

If you use those spray paints, make sure you put down newspaper all around it because the particulants (sp?) really do travel far and it stains.

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chocoadik said...

Hi, just surfed in! I like your blog. :) And I want to learn how to bake! :) Though, I don't want to get married yet. Hehe. :)

Gabriella True said...

Hi Chocoadik,
cute name! Baking is a science. To start - practice practice practice. Get yourself a good cookbook and follow the recipes to a T. Do not start messing with baking recipes until you have a clue to what you are doing because you could end up with a big ole mess. oh and if you mess a boxed mix then you better just stick to a bakery. lol. Let me know how it goes.

chocoadik said...

hahaha. don't worry, I can make pancakes out of the box.. but that's it. :) I'll let you know how my baking turns out when I get the chance to bake something, somebody just gave me a book about baking. :D

Once I get the hang of it, I might try some of the recipes that you posted. :) Thanks! :D

sher said...

Oh, I LOVE the cake!! All the great details in it. And thanks for directing me to that wonderful SugarCraft site.

Gabriella True said...

Hi Sher,

so funny, I was just on your blog.

SugarCraft is a FABULOUS store. I have tons and tons of stuff from them and want a lot more. I just need more time and money. LOL

Erika said...

What a stunning cake! I bet your boys loved it.

I am really enjoying your blog, btw. Your photos make me very hungry. :-)

Gabriella True said...

Hi Erika, Glad you are enjoying my blog!

Oh, I will be working on my food on a stick over the next day. I have to perfect something first.