Wednesday, May 31, 2006

DAILY REPORT: Wednesday, May 31

Timmy Trying to Stand Up
Timmy Trying To Stand Up

My Timmy said his first words today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO. Oh my god. If you did not know, he has Benign Hydrocephalus. Benign means that it it is not getting worse and he does not need a shunt. But it does mean that he has some brain damage and some major delays and on most things he is tracking at a 12 month age and he will be 2 in July. So back to the best thing! Well, we were working with his Occupational Therapist toda and for many many many months we have been teaching him how to put a wooden block ON TOP of another block. We say "ON TOP" every single time we show him how to do it. And today he said "Om To..p" Oh my god. Then he said it like 20 more times when he was playing with the blocks. I called my husband. I called my mom. I called my dad. Then realized with the three hour time difference I should stop calling people back East. I am BEYOND!!!! This is amazing because Xander who has no delays is a late talker and he gets Speech Therapy once a week. I know he is not all that late compared to some kids but we are hooked into the Early Intervention system because of Timmy and according to all their tests, Xan is 30% or more delayed so he qualifies. Anyhoo, he has Woo Woo(for dog), Buka Bukka(Book), Binka Binka(Binky), Oh No, ah gu(all gone), bebe (baby), buh bye. So really he has words but this makes Timmy not "hopelessly" delayed with speech. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy.

Xander in the Olive Grove
Xander Playing in the Olive Grove

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ilva said...

I do understand your happiness! I'm really happy for you but most of all for him!!

Ruth said...

That is so wonderful! Obviously I don't have to say "enjoy the moment".

Thanks for sharing - really!!!

Gabriella True said...

Thanks Ladies! It is so fun to have you join in our excitement.

Erika said...

How wonderful for you!

And how fun to see another little guy with the name Xander! Of course, I spell my little guy's as Zander- but how cool- that's not a very common name.

Kalyn said...

That's very exciting. I'm so happy for you. Kids really are quite amazing, especially when they have good parents nurturing them, which you obviously are doing.

Gabriella True said...

Thanks Kalyn!

I took him with me to my Twin Club meeting tonight and he said it for everyone. It was so cute. He is such an easy baby. so quiet and calm compared to Xander. I could never take Xander to a meeting.


Gabriella True said...

Erika. How fun another Zander. I know that is really how it is spelled but I still chose it with an X which is weird bc I am so not an alternate name speller type of person. well usually I guess.

Erika said...

Actually, I've only ever seen it spelled with an X...

I guess usually it's short for Alexander?

Still fun- your boys are beautiful.

sher said...

How wonderful!!! I was so excited and touched when I read that. He looks so adorable there. :):) I wish I could hug him. Give him, and Xander, a kiss from all of us

Gabriella True said...

Erika, The first born has been Alexander for over 200 years in my husband's family.

soooo I had to come up with a nick name bc


But he was actually the 2nd born but three months on bed rest I knew that he was the Alexander in the womb. And I figured I would be a bit subersive and name baby b Alexander. I am sure I made the right choice too. hee hee.

ooh. thank you. You are so sweet. They are baby talking to eachother from their cribs instead of napping. It is so cute but they need to sleep!

Cheeky Monkey Cakes said...

That's wonderful, I have tears in my eyes after reading that :)

Gabriella True said...

Hey Viki. I am going to start weekend baby blogging for food bloggers like they have cat and dog blogging for us foodies. you should join us.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog while doing some major procrastinating.

That's great news on your sons progress!! Now that's a reason to celebrate and smile!

Tabatha Haley said...

Isn't WONDERFUL to hear their first words?

I'm so excited for him and you.

We have some similar issues with Nathan, so I know what a joy this can be.

Clapping my hands for joy.

Gabriella True said...

Anon- Thanks!

Tabby- well if Nathan is having delays, just make sure he gets assessed by Early Intervention so he can get therapy. It is free in California.

chocoadik said...

Wow!! I'm so happy for you! :D i wish you can record him talking so we can watch it. :D he must have looked soooo cute. :D

Anonymous said...

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