Wednesday, May 17, 2006

DAILY REPORT: Wednesday, May 17

Well I had a GREAT Mother's Day. I slept in until about 10:00. And I was presented with roses and chocolates. The picture above is a detail of the roses and bells of Ireland that I was given.

Then we got the boys ready and we head off to Descanso Gardens. May is the month to go. They are known for their Camelia Tree Forest. It is the most beautiful site to behold. Xander totally ran off the path into the wooded area and played. He was laughing with excitement. I think he felt totally free and intrigued by this new experience. I just watched him from behind a tree so that he could feel like he was by himself for a little while. Timmy loved crawling around the grass in this one lawn area. Oh, and then there were the roses. I think there must be about 5 acres of roses. When you walk to the area where the roses are, the fragrance hits you like a wall. It is so fabulous. We stayed about 2 hours. It was really hot and the boys had not really had a nap. They totally crashed in their car seats on the way home. They could not keep their eyes open for more than five minutes. It was so cute.

I did take lots and lots of pictures which I will post later. I think I am at my max for uploaded pictures for the month on flikr.

Then I had a nice rest when we got home and then my husband went out to Walt's Wharf and got us some Oak Grilled Artichokes, Salad and Clam Chowder for supper. It was a perfect day.

A little bit more about Descanso Gardens: In the 1930's, E. Manchester Body, the owner planted thousands of Camelia Trees in the shade of the Oak forest on his land. It is now the largest collection of Camelia Trees with more than 700 species and 3,400 trees. The Rose Garden is five acres and hosts over 3,000 roses. It is awe inspiring because not only is that a lot of roses but it is so beautifully landscaped.

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