Saturday, May 20, 2006

MOTHERHOOD: The Newest Bouncer from Svan

Are little bears with pink or blue bows not your idea of what you want to fill your house up with? In this day and age, babies don't just come with a cuddly blanket but they come with gear - BABY GEAR - and lots of it. Most of today's baby products are not exactly chic but are bright, "cute", and decorated with lots of images. But, there are some designers out their making baby products with a modern look that is a lot more sophisticated than what you find in most baby stores. But, most of these styles are much more expensive that your typical Fisher Price model.

So, what do you think of this newest contibution? The Svan Baby Bouncer from Sweden. The seat is completely adjustable so your baby can sit and lay down. It fold for easy storage. Also, even modern parents know that babies get messy so the seat removes for washing. It is available in chocolate/orange, chocolate/orange, chocolate/lilac, black/baby blue and black/watermelon. It retails for about $120.00 at most stores.

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