Monday, May 01, 2006

DAILY REPORT: Sunday, April 30, 2006

Well last week was chock full of doctor’s appointments. First of all Timmy has either physical or occupational therapy 4 days a week and next week Xander starts therapy one day a week so we will not have one day during the week without therapy. It is exhausting. Timmy had a Neurology appointment for his benign hydrocephalus. She said that we do not need another CT scan at this point because luckily she still thinks it is benign and therefore not growing. However, she has moved her best guess of what age he will catch up to other children his age from 3 to 5 years. So that is a little disheartening but we still feel blessed that things are not worse because they really could be. The other appointment was just a follow up appointment for the twins with their pediatrician. Since it was just a check in and not a well check there were no shots. They will get those at the next appointment for their 24 month check up. (Please don’t make me say 2 year check up as that is way too depressing). The doctor was quite pleased with their progress. Xander screamed his head off and refused to cooperate with anything so his weight and height is only a guess as we had to hold him on the scale so who knows. But the doctor was pleased that he has finally started speaking some words and was sure starting speech therapy for him this week would be great.

I also just bit off another responsibility. I have accepted another position with the Twin Club. So now on top of being the Newsletter Editor which is a board position, I am in charge of organizing the raffles for Convention 2007 and now I am the Committee Head for Special Events.

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Tabatha said...

Gabby, I am so happy I came across your blog. Great job by the way.

Also, thinking about you and the boys quite often.

I'm leaving you my e-mail addy because I would love to stay intouch, I bet the boys are getting so big.
Hugs, Tabatha

Gabriella True said...

Hi Tabatha,

Great to hear from you. I will drop you a line.

Give a huge kiss to your twins from me and the boys.

xo Gabriella

Tabatha said...

I am really enjoying your site.....Very cute. Can you order these things from you?

Also, I would love to talk to about Timmy's pt.

Please if you can I would love to chat by e-mail if you have time.

Miss you and the boys.

xox, Tabatha

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