Saturday, June 17, 2006

DAILY REPORT: Saturday, June 17

A lot has been going on. A lot.

First. We took Timmy to be assessed for Autism. One word. Inconclusive. He will be 2 in July but he is tracking 1 year behind. There is one thing that he does at a 15-month level but in my tired state I can’t remember what that one thing is. I know that is pathetic. Well, the doctor spent about 1.5 hours watching him. He said that Timmy really is too delayed to get an accurate assessment at this point. He totally understands why we came to him because there are definite flags. So we will be going back in 6 months. Oh but since Timmy already gets four hours of therapy a week, if he was diagnosed with Autism we would not be doing much different at this point. I suppose some of the therapy would be adjusted a little but not much.

Xander was in a HORRID mood on Thursday. Made me cry actually. Well tears welled up and a couple of deep breathes really. He screamed for four hours. Temper tantrums. I think he is getting annoyed that Timmy gets a “girlfriend” – therapist – four days a week to visit him. So today when Xan’s Speech Therapist came he was so excited. He threw his arms up and gave her hugs when she came in. She has never seen him have a temper tantrum and said she can’t even imagine him being bad because he such an angel for her. Great. He wants constant attention and when he does not get he freaks out completely. Not a good thing with twins. So when she comes, he gets that one on one attention and naturally is perfect. I do the best I can and I am very engaged with my boys so I sometimes am at a loss as what to do. I know I am supposed to ignore his tantrums so that he learns they don’t get him anywhere but it still so hard for me to do that. I guess I have to work on that. Motherhood takes practice.

And then this week I worked in the little garden in our small apartment complex. Basically I ripped out more ferns and dead leaves. I know that the ferns are supposed to run the whole length of the fence but they were growing into some flower and a ginger flower so either it was the ferns or the flowers and there are plenty of ferns left to the left of this area that I removed them from. We will just have to wait and see what the landlady says when she gets back from her trip. I think it looks a lot better.
We also had our Twin Club’s General Meeting. I had to sit at the head table at the front because now I am on the Executive Board as the Newsletter Editor. It was kind of weird sitting up there. There usually are not that many people that even come to the meeting but this time there were a whole bunch of people in attendance. It was a little nerve wracking but fine really. Then we played Bunco. That was ridiculous. I had never played before. It was fun. Sure was easy and mindless.

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Tabby said...

Oh Gabby, I sure hope you get answers with Timmy.

Rachel is very much the same as Xander. She wants me 100%. It's so hard when their are two needing your attention. Big hugs.


Gabriella True said...

Exhausting isn't it!