Monday, June 26, 2006


I have not had a chance to upload photographs from my camera on the computer so I am sharing some photography my mom took of the boys this past February when she took such good care of them while hubby and I took a mini-break.

Xander Feb 2006
Beautiful Xander

Timmy Feb 2006
Beautiful Timothy

Timmy and Xander Feb 2006
I can't believe they are sharing. Maybe it just looks like it in the photograph.

Timmy and Xander Feb 2006
Which Pan Should We Use?

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Oh. Babies or course come in ALL AGES!! So your children of all ages are included.

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Ruth said...

What a cool idea - babies of all ages. Mine are 30 & 32 but they are still my babies. So maybe I'll include a shot for next weekend.

Yours are too cute! I could just eat them up!

Gabriella True said...

Yes, they are STILL your babies for sure. I am 34 and I DEMAND to be my Mommy's baby still. I would not want to deprive her or anything. I would love to include pictures of your babies anytime!