Monday, June 26, 2006

EVENT: WCC#6 - Picnic Food - Frittatas

Cheese Frittatas 1

This months Weekend Cookbook Challenge theme is Picnic Food! I have been meaning to make Martha Stewart's mini frittatas for some time and recently in her magazine she republished the recipe so I thought that was my cue to finally make them. They were really nice so I also made up my own version of Mini Frittatas with Tomatoes, bacon and broccoli.

These are perfect for lunch picnics with some nice white wine, cheese and crackers and fresh fruit.

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Alicat said...

Yummy! Those are perfect for a picnic. :) Thank you so much for participating! :)

Gabriella True said...

Thanks! I was glad to have the nudge to make them after all this while.

Sara said...

They look delicious! You can't go wrong with Martha.

Ruth said...

It is a great dish for picnics. Often our food doesn't make it to our destination and these would be great for munching in the car.

Thanks for sharing.

Gabriella True said...

Sarha, Thanks! I was glad to have a chance to make them.

Ruth, They actually lasted to the party I brought them to last week. I must have had some in the kitchen.