Monday, June 19, 2006


Hot Dogs
Food on a Stick

Funnel Cake Stand
Funnel Cake Stand

Funnel Cake Detail
Funnel Cake

Fair Smoke
Grill Smoke

Fair Food
Junk Food

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

Big Cone Detail
Ice Cream Deluxe


Nerissa said...

I'm getting fat just looking at all the stuff. You know, I've never had a funnel cake. I take it they're good, huh?

Gabriella True said...

Well. It is fattening. Fried sweet dough. This one was actually particularly delicious. Sometimes they are too oil soaked but this one was perfect. Drool. Drool. Drool.

jenjen said...

I want to take that giant ice cream home!!

Meeta said...

Amazing pictures. So colorful and full of life.

I hate to do this to you but I think I have to tag you.

Only do it if you wnat to!

Gabriella True said...

Jen - If that were real ice cream, I would like to dive head first into it.

Meeta - A meme tag from you? Of course I will do it. xo

Anne said...

man, when I see pictures like these I soo wish I was in the States stuffing my face.. I guess I'll have to settle for the foie gras and the chilled rosé wines in France.. sigh !lol!

Gabriella True said...

Oh poor poor Anne.