Wednesday, June 07, 2006

PHOTOGRAPHS: Peach Colored Roses

Rose Peach

Apricot Cluster Detail

peony rose


lobstersquad said...

I´ve only just seen this blog, it´s great. I love the title. Way to go

Gabriella True said...

why thank you. Oh my god. Your drawings are AMAZING. I love them!! So fabulous. They are so charming.

Everyone go check her out!

sher said...

Beautiful roses!!

Gabriella True said...

thanks sweet sher!

ramya said...

Hi gabriella,
Photos are superb.I will be sending some details to your email.Please look to your email .Thanks.

Claire said...

These are beautiful! My dad is an avid rose-grower, so I can appreciate fine roses! What is the name of these?

Gabriella True said...

Ramya, I will go check my mail!

I have NO IDEA!! Isn't that terrible! I do know that the top one is different than the bottom two.

I went to Descanso Gardens in California for mother's day and they have a 5 acre rose garden. It is heavenly. So I since i was with my kids and chasing them around I did not pay too much attention to the names.

Nerissa said...

Ahh... I am so jealous. My mini-roses aren't out yet.

Gabriella True said...

Well they are not mine.

We do have some big red ones downstairs but for some reason I have a hard time taking good pictures of red.